Vol. 11, No. 22 – Aug 1 – Aug 14, 2018 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton

On July 24th, during another heat wave, I asked 6 Venturans –
“What do you like to do when the weather warms up in Ventura?”

Lisa Hawk
age 54
works at Salon Panache
“I like to go to work where it’s air-conditioned and hope for a little ocean breeze when I’m at home!”


Dale Fitzpatrick
age 62
retired clerical worker
“I like to go for a walk near the ocean or go see a movie where it’s air-conditioned, actually, I like to do as little as possible!”


Brian Fitzpatrick
age 65
retired lawyer
“Yes, we go to air-conditioned places, but it never gets that bad in Ventura. If we really want to bake, we could just drive 15 minutes to Ojai!”


Shane Winton
age 28
fisherman, carpenter, tree trimmer
“Surf! I’ve been surfing my whole life, I grew up on Pierpont. And on the side, me and my dad build custom slabs (boards). My favorite place to surf is the Dredge at Marina Park, no wait – make that Mondos!”


Justin Shelton
age 46
works at Lowe’s
“I like to take my 4-year old son, Vincent to the mall where it’s air-conditioned. We walk around, and I let him play in the little play area there and hopefully he falls asleep on the way home. I try to time it to where it’s nap time!”


Dalia Padilla
age 25
works with life insurance company
“I like to go to the beach right by the Pier, it’s my 4-year old daughter Natalie’s favorite beach because it’s got a playground there. We try to go twice a week if possible, but not so much lately, I could go into labor any minute! I’m overdue, my due date was July 16th … “

Writer’s note: By the time the next issue of the Ventura Breeze comes out on August 1st, we wish Dalia and her family all the best as Natalie’s baby sister has surely arrived by then!

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