Ventura angel store closing- Over 34,000 prayers need a home

Do you have space for 34,000 prayers?

For nearly a quarter of a century Heaven’s Gallery has been a destination store for people vising downtown Ventura. According to store owners Keith and Francesca Richardson the store is now scheduled to close September 30, 2018.

One of the main features of the Richardson’s store has been its prayer wall. Started by accident in 1995, the prayers now encompass the store’s original display case at the back of the store and has been gradually creeping towards the front of the store for nearly 24 years.

The prayers on the wall come from people from all faiths and all walks of life.

According to the Richardson’s, the most commonly answered prayer in recent years has been for women told by their doctors that they cannot have children.

Heaven’s Gallery and its prayer wall have been featured in numerous news stories including: ABC’s “Good Morning America,” KCBS News, TNN’s “The Life and Times of Angel Encounters” and Fox Televisions “Miracles in the Making.”

Keith has published five books in three languages (English, Portuguese and Japanese). These books have sold thousands of copies and have brought numerous visitors from all over the world to Ventura to see Heaven’s Gallery.

Keith and Francesca have decided to close their store due to recent economy changes which favor large online merchants over small business retailers.

Keith and Francesca now plan to retire. Their only concern is for the fate of the more than 34,000 prayers on the walls of their store.
Heaven’s Gallery 365 E. Main St.(805) 648-5689

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