Ventura Harbor Pirate Days

Mermaids, pirates and a lady with wings with cute little girl all enjoyed Ventura Harbor Pirate Days by reading the Ventura Breeze. Several of the mermaids took the Breeze back in the water with them when the sun went down and couldn’t understand why it fell apart. We are working on waterproof issues for next year’s Pirate Days, we don’t want mermaids to be mad at us.

Pirate Days is one of Ventura’s most popular public festivals that attracts “pirates” of all ages for buccaneering and other piratey pursuits. Pirates Day 2018 offered guests an unforgettable voyage around the Ventura Harbor with pirate characters, entertainment, activities, and photo opportunities around every corner. Folks dressed up to win prizes! All the action took place in various courtyards near the Village’s shops and restaurants.

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