Cabrillo offers free financial counseling services

Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation’s Homebuyer and Financial Services offers free financial education services to Ventura County residents.

“Clients benefit by receiving free guidance on financial and housing goals and end up with better control of spending and savings. They will receive a personalized action plan so that they may achieve their goals quicker. They also receive additional resources suitable to their situation,” said Homebuyer and Financial Services Housing Counselor Heidi Reyes

Counseling sessions are private, one-on-one sessions with a housing counselor and include a free credit report.

Cabrillo counselors will work with clients to help them understand the importance of a positive credit report and to develop a spending and savings plan to provide the financial tools to establish, repair or maintain good credit to meet their personal goals.

“Financial counseling results in confidence in decision making for Ventura County families,” Reyes said.
Topics covered include:

  • Budget and Credit Counseling
  • Help with purchasing a Home
  • Budget review and goal setting

To schedule an appointment today, call 659-6869 or email

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