Breeze VERY UNOFFICIAL naming of the green pig & the winner is… HAMLET

The final results of the Breeze VERY UNOFFICIAL naming of the green pig are in. The long list of funny names sent to us by readers were submitted to a panel of Breeze staffers for review and selection. Of the names submitted over 15 received at least one vote. The winning name is HAMLET, which was submitted by Monique Robles who received 3 tickets to the Ronal Reagan Library. Congratulations Monique – you are now famous. Other names that were right behind HAMLET were PIGASSO, HAM SOLO and ALBERT EINSWINE.

And who knows, at next year’s St. Pats Parade the pig might still be named BACON. But let’s get serious, the name of an inflatable green pig is really not very important, but we had fun.

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