Local, award winning fiber artist Karen Payton takes her fabric portraits to Coastal Communities Cancer Center

Local, award winning fiber artist Karen Payton has taken her fabric portraits to the windows of the Coastal Communities Cancer Center at 2900 Loma Vista (and Joanne).

Karen Payton has a background rooted in the apparel industry but currently splits her time between creating art and working in digital marketing. She has been collecting fabric and old clothing for years and searches for harmonious colors and patterns to complete her work. Many of her images include hand embroidery using thousands of colored stitches to render beautiful, soulful portraits.

After two close friends began treatment for cancer, Karen was drawn to the opportunity to display her work at the hospital. “If I can bring even a moment of joy to patients and their families, it would mean so much.” Karen’s art will be on display in the windows until June 8.

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