Property tax relief is on the way for Thomas Fire victims

Ventura County Assessor Dan Goodwin, Auditor Controller Jeff Burgh, and Treasurer-Tax Collector Steven Hintz have announced that reduced property tax bills or refunds will begin being mailed to fire victims. Staff from all three departments have been attending post-fire community meetings to answer questions, and appraisers have already inspected more than 3,000 properties.

The reduced bills or refunds of taxes previously paid are for Ventura County taxpayers whose Calamity Claims for property tax relief for property losses resulting from the Thomas Fire have been approved. The first batch of revised bills is scheduled to be mailed on this week. The bills will be mailed to the address submitted on the Calamity Claim form. Refunds will be made to the person who actually made the original payment.

“This is another example of how County agencies are working collaboratively to assist city and county residents who were affected by the Thomas Fire,” said County Executive Officer Mike Powers. “Dan, Jeff and Steven promised taxpayers relief from this disaster on December 7, just three days after the fire started. And now, that relief is already arriving. This is an extraordinary effort and a thoughtful demonstration of how local government can respond to the urgent needs of its constituents.”

For more information, contact:

Steven Hintz, Treasurer-Tax Collector, 654-3744

Dan Goodwin, Assessor, 654-2181

Jeff Burgh, Auditor-Controller, 654-3152

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