Answer In A Breeze

Q. Could you tell me what is going on at the Community Park, if anything? Since the Edison vehicles left after the fire, there has been a fence erected and mulch spread out on the land and curbs installed on Telephone Road at Ramilli. Is the city planning on installing a much needed new parking lot and new entrance to the park? Marsha Moreland

A. This is answer from the City “While it is the goal to eventually open the Telephone Road/Ramelli Avenue entrance and build a new parking lot at the Community Park, for now, the City is utilizing the space within the fenced area for sand bags and waddles (to be used during rain events). The entrance at Telephone Road/Ramelli Avenue and new parking lot at the Community Park are part of the proposed CIP cycle for 2018-2014 and will be discussed by the Ventura City Council during budget workshops. The budget workshops begin this month.”

Now we need to find out what a waddle is? Have a question, send it to and we will try to get you an answer?

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