Vol. 11, No. 7 – Jan 3 – Jan 16, 2018 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Sara Omanovic
age 25
Owner of Ema’s Herbs
“Usually I try to focus on specific traits, 2017 was courage so I think 2018 should be resilience, resilience to overcome difficulties.”


Alton Gebhart
age 61
Crew Member at Trader Joes
“I made a resolution to do more photography gigs this year; we lost our studio in the fire, but that’s ok cause nobody rebounds like me, I’m a Cajun!”


Cathy Burke with daughter Renee
age 45
Cafeteria Manager
“I haven’t made any resolutions and I never have because I don’t like breaking them. It’s like when I say I’m gonna start dieting every other Friday!”


Cole Roop
age 19
works the front desk at Maverick’s
“I want to start flossing more…no really, do more cardio, get in heart healthy shape and shed a few pounds.” (writer’s note – Cole did not appear to have any pounds to shed)


Josh Grava
age 44
Vice President for a hydrographic survey equipment company
“I haven’t made any resolutions yet, we’re displaced from the fire. We didn’t lose our home, but we can’t go back yet. It’s been a challenging month and holiday season. It makes you realize the importance of family and friends to get through conflict. I guess a good resolution would be – to be more patient with my family, cause right now we’re all being tested with respect to tolerance and adaptation.”

Barbara Harvey
age 67
History Teacher at Buena High School
“My personal New Year’s resolution is to not get so stressed out, so how that translates to my own kids and my students, I’m not sure.”
I asked Barbara, “are you good at keeping your resolutions?” and she replied, “I am! I’m pretty focused – that’s how I get so stressed out!”

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