Free masks are available

N-95 masks require a tight seal to be effective.

Due to continuing unhealthy air conditions resulting from the Thomas Fire, free particulate respirators (N-95 masks) are being distributed as part of a coordinated effort of the Ventura County Public Health Department, Emergency Medical Services Agency, various County agencies, City government and multiple community based organizations. To date, over 500,000 masks have been distributed throughout Ventura County. The sites that will distribute masks are available and update routinely on and current locations are listed below.

  • Ventura County Fair – Red Cross Shelter, 10 W. Harbor Blvd
  • EP Foster Library, 651 E. Main St. Ventura
  • Beth Torah Temple, 7620 Foothill Road
  • Barranca Vista Center, 7050 Ralston Street
  • Museum of Ventura County, 100 E. Main Street
  • Hill Road Library, 1070 S. Hill Road
  • Saticoy Library, 1292 Los Angeles Avenue
  • San Jon Yard, 336 San Jon Road
  • City Hall, 501 Poli St. (entrance at back parking lot)
  • Academic Family Medicine Center, 3291 Loma Vista Road, Building 340, Suite 201
  • West Ventura Medical Clinic, 133 W Santa Clara St
  • Ventura County Health Care Agency, 5851 Thille St
  • Ventura County Health Care Agency, 2323 Knoll Dr # 414

Please note that the N-95 masks require a tight seal to be effective and as a result the available adult sized masks will provide only limited protection for most children. N-95 masks when fitted properly provide some protection from the fine particles in smoke. Ordinary dust masks and surgical masks do not provide this protection. Limited quantities of small masks are being distributed to locations that are more likely to have a concentration of children. When properly worn, these masks should provide a tighter seal for a child’s smaller face. Please note, that only limited quantities of these masks are available. Masks are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be available as supplies last.

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