City Center Board Member Jann Huling

Jann is always serving the community in a big way.

Jann Huling was born and raised in Ventura County. Graduating from Ventura High and UCLA. She is with ServiceMaster by Integrity in Oxnard as the business development manager .

Jann has one grown son Ian and has adopted his childhood best – friend Bobby. Bobby also works for ServiceMaster by Integrity. She has one granddaughter Meadow Lily.

Jann is the Vice-Chair of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce. Serves on the board for The City Center Transitional Living Center and is on the Marketing Committee. She was awarded Volunteer of the year in 2013 from the Ventura Chamber Ambassador. She was also awarded Board Member of the year with Project Understanding 2016. She is the 2017 President of Project Understanding and won Ambassador of the year for Camarillo Chamber 2017. At Project Understanding she also serves on the Executive Committee and Operations.

She developed a program that she calls “I am not hopeless I am homeless” where she personally engages with homeless to hear their story. Put a name to the homeless…instead of that guy at the Victoria Shopping center or that lady at McDonalds. Jann stated “I believe in putting a name to every homeless neighbor I meet.”

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