VMF Children’s Concert for VUSD

VMF brings the joy of music through unique education offerings. Photo by Michael Gordon

The Ventura Music Festival 2017 Children’s Concert for VUSD featured two wonderful programs: Sneetches, with playful music and the delightful Dr. Seuss text, and Saint-Saens’ fabulous Carnival of the Animals, accompanied by Ogden Nash’s much- loved text. It was presented on Oct.19 in the Ventura High School Auditorium.

VMF presented the versions developed for two pianos played by Jessie Chang and Bryan Verhoye of the San Diego Symphony. Lively narration was provided by the Festival’s Artistic Director, Nuvi Mehta, acclaimed violinist, conductor and music educator known for his engaging lectures and programs.

The Ventura Music Festival was founded in 1994 in response to a need identified by the City for a cultural festival. VMF’s mission is to bring diverse, world-class music to the community, provide opportunities for audiences and artists to come together and to enhance the joy of music through unique education offerings.

Educational outreach has been important from the beginning. The Festival’s centerpiece program is Music in the Schools, developed to meet California State music curriculum requirements for third, fourth and fifth grades, and to foster a love of music while enhancing behavioral, social and academic learning. Nuvi Mehta presents this curriculum to up to 3,000 children annually in VUSD schools.

Breeze photographer Michael Gordon exclaimed “As the auditorium filled while waiting for the program to start I was delightfully warmed by the sounds of chatter of so many voices at one time. After the program was in full swing, I wanted to take a few shots from an audience point of view and observed that while the kids were watching and fully absorbing the program there was a fascinating and movement of the audience in all directions from most every seat.”

“Have you ever been in an auditorium filled with 3rd graders? A great experience.”

Ventura Music Festival 648.3146 472 E. Santa Clara St. www.venturamusicfestival.org


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