Impact of domestic violence on homelessness

A program serving homeless children and families in Ventura will be hosting their third annual event highlighting the connection and impact of domestic violence on homelessness.

Team Up Against Domestic Violence is being hosted by The City Center Transitional Living and will take place on Thursday, October 12 from 6 to 8pm at The River Community Church, 889 East Santa Clara St. Tickets are available at

“Most people are shocked when they hear me say that more than a third of homeless children and families in Ventura are escaping domestic abuse in their homes,” says Jim Duran, The City Center Executive Director. “Domestic violence has a direct and tragic effect on the lives of vulnerable children and families in Ventura. And The City Center is on the front lines of this issue.”

Guest speakers will include domestic violence survivor Ericka King, Ventura City Council member Mike Tracy, Ventura County Assistant Sheriff William Ayub, radio celebrity Tom Spence as well as additional powerful testimonies from current residents of The City Center. Kris Simeon, Jermarie Dizon, Monse Casmiro, Unko Henry, and Charleen Morla of Dirty Rice will provide special musical performances.

The City Center helps homeless families by providing a temporary, safe place to call home. During their residency, clients find stability so they can focus on getting their life under control and obtaining the help and necessary skills they need to get back on their feet.

The City Center’s transitional housing program includes a high level of accountability with the goal of transitioning clients into long-term housing within one year. Clients contribute 30% of their income for housing and services while 20% is saved for future financial stability. Clients must also be employed or actively engaged in seeking employment. Services include comprehensive professional case management, spiritual and life mentoring, job placement services, and other critical needs.

“The board, staff and volunteers at The City Center are pleased to share the stories of hope and restoration made possible because of the courage of our residents,” says Duran.

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