Hawk wedding soars!

Photographer Karey Cottrell climbed a ladder onto the roof to get all guests into the photo!

by Jennifer Tipton

We’ve all had that invite to a wedding when it feels more like an obligation than an opportunity to attend, not this one!

A little history… at 59, Jim Hawk had married before, he and his two sons had been on their own for some time. Jim had dated but never met the “right” woman and Lisa at 53 had never married although she had the chance more than once.

The two met at a friend’s birthday party but it was “hit and miss” for some time, (I was really hoping to hear “love at first sight”- much more romantic). The first few dates were on the marginal side, but because of the advice of a friend, Bobbi Blum Palmer who is a dating and relationship coach for women over 40, Lisa stayed with it. The advice paid off when Lisa realized she missed Jim when they were apart and this was a first. Jim proposed to Lisa while vacationing in Paris, France in 2016 just two days after her birthday (now that’s romantic!).

On Saturday, September 16th Jim Hawk married Lisa Ross in a most exceptional ceremony and celebration to follow.

The ceremony took place at the couple’s home on the hillside in Ventura which they refer to as “Hawk’s Nest”. The wedding/reception was a beach theme since they share an affection for the beach, even Jim’s boutonniere was a starfish. They were married beneath a driftwood arch handcrafted by a friend, Rich LaJoie, with the view of the city behind them as Jim’s brother, Dave officiated the ceremony. Jim had lost his dad in February so it was very touching that it was his dad’s wedding band Lisa placed on Jim’s finger. Also touching was Lisa’s 91-year-old mother walking her only daughter down the aisle and the radiant look on Lisa’s face as she gazed at her soon to be husband.

At the house everything was spectacular, a large framed photo for guests to sign, a mimosa bar, a variety of beer, tempting appetizers such as an antipasto platter, bruschetta and caprese skewers. There was a large “Nothing Bundt Cake”, assorted small ones, and a most impressive cake that looked like an actual sand castle! But it gets so much better…

From here, the 150 guests were taken by shuttle to the Ventura Beach Club where the attendance was close to 400! Upon entering, there was a complementary whiskey and cigar area, a fun photo booth that served as a guestbook and of course, sea shells everywhere!

The large dinner buffet was provided by a friend, Cathie Moreno who pulled off some very tasty food with no kitchen on site! A favorite feature was the candy “bar” where beach themed treats stood in fishbowls including gummy worms labeled “bait” and green licorice labeled “seaweed”. Guests were encouraged to fill a bag that read “Happily Ever After” to take home. There was a no host bar and music that was so good even those that don’t dance were on the dance floor. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, a complimentary hot dog cart arrived with all the goodies.

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