Rubicon stimulates Ventura County economy

Ventura’s Rubicon Theatre Company generates an impact of over $5 million to the economy of Ventura County each year according to a comprehensive economic analysis. This impact is equivalent to 160 full time jobs. The study was conducted by a team of top graduating economics students from California State University Channel Islands led by Tom Kozlowski and under the supervision of Professor Claudio Paiva, Professor and Chair of Economics.

The economic team based their estimate on detailed data of expenditures of Rubicon, its employees, and its audience. The estimate reflects both the direct expenditures of these groups and what economists call a “multiplier effect,” the way in which spending in one area influences spending in others. The research team compared results using different economic multiplier models, all of which reached a very similar conclusion—Rubicon spending has a significant impact on the local economy.

The analysis also notes important non-monetary impacts of Rubicon on the community. These include an active volunteer force of over 300 people, a strong youth educational program, and increased happiness for those who experience the theatre. The authors cite research that links these activities with better mental and physical health, benefits that cannot be captured by the data on expenditures.

Now entering its 20th season, Rubicon has presented more than 130 diverse main stage productions to more than 440,000 audience members and served more than 45,000 student attendees or participants. The company has received widespread acclaim for the quality of its productions, including the Los Angeles Drama Critics Margaret Harford Award for “Sustained Excellence” (2010), the Ventura Chamber of Commerce’s Poinsettia Award for Non-Profit Organization of the Year (2012), the New York Drama Desk Award for “Outstanding Musical Review” (2012), 14 Ovation Awards, a NAACP Award, and multiple Indy, Garland, and Robby Awards. Numerous stars of stage, screen, and television have appeared at Rubicon. Each year it presents five to eight main stage shows plus a Broadway Concert Series for the general public.

For further information about Rubicon Theatre Company, please visit or call 667-2900.

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