Help to clean up our beaches

Bring your own bag, bucket and gloves.

Be one of the 60,000 people across all of California in the upcoming 33rd Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day, on September 16! Volunteer to remove debris from beaches, creeks, rivers, and lakes all around California to protect wildlife from harm while taking care of our environment.

Last year, nearly 3,000 dedicated volunteers from Ventura County collected close to 10,000 pounds of trash and recyclables.

Volunteers are encouraged to attend their local cleanup site and bring their own bucket or used grocery bag, gloves, and a reusable water bottle to lessen the amount of trash created during the event.

The California Coastal Commission and the Ventura County Coalition for Coastal and Inland Waterways will once again coordinate this regional cleanup event made possible by our generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers.

Thousands of marine animals die each year from becoming entangled in debris or from ingesting it. Marine debris can impact critical habitat, smothering sea grasses or dislodging or injuring corals. Debris can also pose human health and safety risks. Syringes, broken glass, and other hazardous items pose obvious dangers to barefooted beach goers. Grocery and trash bags, fishing line, nets, rope, and other debris can wrap around boat propellers and clog seawater intakes, causing costly damage and becoming a safety hazard.

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