Elderly scam prevention tips

by Connie De La Rosa

Here are some things you might notice in an elderly loved one which could indicate financial abuse or being the victim of scams:

  • Worrying about finances, having unanticipated financial problems
  • Unexplained purchases, missing cash or valuables
  • Difficulty explaining purchases or confusion over a purchase or service contract, excessive repairs or items being purchased for the home.
  • Giving financial control to a new caregiver, neighbor or friend.
  • Steps you can to help safeguard your elderly loved one:
  • Regularly evaluate how they are doing by providing a periodic evaluation by calling in and visiting in person.
  • Determine ways to simplify finances and possibly consider a system for oversight(regular review/access by a trusted professional or family member).

Share information about popular scams and when confronted with a salesperson over the phone or at their front door, your loved one should redirect them to a trusted family and state that they do not make these kinds of decisions to please contact the family which will help with your elder from being scammed.

For more information, resources and referrals please call 420-9608.

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