Environmental activists groups Stand Together to save our national heritage

Activists in Ventura County are standing together to support the end of the current administration’s policies on National Monuments, the environment, and climate change. The demonstration will take place at the Ventura County Government Center located at the corner of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road on Friday, August 18, at 6pm.

The Stand Together has been planned jointly by a number of local environmental groups, foremost among them. the Los Padres Chapter of Sierra Club. In commenting about the reason for the event, Jim Hines, Chapter Chair and member of the Sierra Club National Public Lands Team stated, “An attack by the Trump Administration on America’s national public lands is an attack on America itself.”

Local groups also joining in the Stand Together include Ventura Climate Hub/Ventura 350, the Justice for All Coalition, Indivisible Ventura, CFROG (Citizens for Responsible Oil and Gas), and GrassrootsVentura.

The event is in reaction to the presidential order which would shrink or rescind National Monuments to. Only five of the monuments under review have been declared safe, and those five do not have resources which can be exploited. The Trump administration’s move to dismantle and degrade our public lands is hugely unpopular. Not only are National Monuments, public lands, ocean shelters and wildlife threatened — the very agencies charged with protecting our environment are being shunted aside so that clean air and water regulations will be negated.

Organizers invite the public to stand together to support the preservation of this country’s natural heritage, the environment, and also to protect the climate which allows for the natural world to be maintained. Participants should bring their signs and flags, wear comfortable shoes, and park legally parking lots or side streets adjacent to the Ventura County Government Center. America is in danger of losing our country’s wild places, and this event is a time to show voice your dissent to this trend.

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