News Survey

by Jennifer Tipton

I asked 20 Venturans that read the Ventura Breeze:
What are your other sources for news?
And -do you think the Breeze should have a column for international news, state or government?

Lucy Maddux
age 55
also reads the VC Reporter.
I don’t think that’s why people pick up the Breeze, they just want to see what’s going on locally, I like to look for new businesses or things to try out.”

Boni Howery
age 59
also gets news from the internet and the VC Star.
“No, I personally don’t think it’s necessary. There are a multitude of news outlets readily available, community news is about what is going on in our own backyard. I enjoy reading about my hometown, a place I feel connected to. I learn something new about Ventura every time I read a Ventura Breeze issue – leave all the world weariness to another news source.”

Ashley Pope
age 27 gets her other news from Facebook, KTVA and the VC Star Sunday edition.
“No, I think people read the Breeze because they want to know what’s happening in Ventura. Maybe ok to do some statewide news but definitely wouldn’t go international, I’d skip that page.”

Bob Emerick
age 58 also watches CBS news.
“I think it should stay local.”

Frank Boross
age 64
gets other news from KTVA and online. “I don’t think it would hurt. It’s a good idea, everybody seems to be a news junkie.”

C.J. Barnett
age 35 also reads the LA Times, BBC, NPR, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal – all on her phone she says. (Did someone just say news junkie?)
“Yes, it should, how else do you know what’s going on in Sacramento?”

David Glaser
age 57 gets news as well from the internet.
“Maybe some, but that’s not why I look at the Breeze.”

L.B. Tempkin
age 56
gets other news from radio, KCLU and KRW.
“I like local news, there’s enough of the other stuff going on.”

Boid Goodman
age 56
says he only gets other news when he hears about it, then he looks it up on his phone.
“I think local events are fine.”

Alex Guertler
age 54
gets all other news on his phone and says his wife can’t believe how many news apps he has.
“I like the Breeze just the way it is.”

Barry Pillard
age 66 also gets his news from the internet, telephone and word of mouth.
“If they’ve got the space, fine. It would give people a chance to see what they might not see anywhere else.”

Danny Blanco
age 46
gets other news from the internet – online news.
“Of course! It’s very important, I was a political science major.”

Jack Doughty
age 68
also reads the VC Star, the VC Reporter and Ventana.
“Everybody’s getting news on their device and it changes every minute (shows me CNN on his phone). If it has a direct effect on Ventura then yes, it makes sense.”

Melinda Escalante
age 41
catches her other news on channel 3.
“No, because if you want the extras, pick up the LA Times or watch another channel.”

Jim Molina
age 58
also gets news from the internet, the VC Star and TV.
“Probably a little bit, but I read the Breeze because it’s about what’s going on around here.”

Teresa Ramirez
age 45
gets other news on the TV (15 minutes in the morning while she gets ready for work).
“No, I like just our stuff.”

Kristy Campos
age 30
also checks the Independent, an online news source.
“No, I like the local news in the Breeze.”

Colleen Russell
age 60
acquires other news from the VC Star and TV.
“No, I like the local stuff, everything in there is light and breezy.” (gotta love this answer!)

Marshall Culver
age 32
only reads the Breeze.
“I think so, it’s always helpful.”

Edie Fowkes
age 75 also reads the VC Star, the LA Times and the Wall Street Journal.
“Well, for people that only read the Breeze – yes!”

And there you have it!

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