CAPS Media wants your story

There’s more than video happening at the CAPS Media Center.

Everyone has a great story to tell and CAPS Media is the place for you to share it. All types of storytellers are invited to get into the fun: videographers, documentarians, radio DJs, journalists, musicians, photographers and more are all encouraged, trained and supported at the CAPS Media Center at 65 Day Road in Ventura. Member/Producers are guided by the very knowledgeable and friendly CAPS Media staff in the art and fun of media production with hands-on training in videography, video editing, radio production and more. Once trained member/producers check out CAPS Media’s video cameras, tripods, audio gear and other production equipment to record their story and then book postproduction editing suites to craft the stories they want to tell.

There’s more than video happening at the CAPS Media Center. The recently launched and highly successful CAPS Radio station (KPPQ-LP, FM 104.1) gives Member/Producers a dedicated and professionally equipped studio to record and produce the radio programs they want to share with the community. Experienced and aspiring DJs are trained by the talented CAPS Media staff in all aspects of radio production. After a few hours of instruction Member Producers are ready to produce their own radio programs. The program formats, topics, guest lists and more are all up to the desires and direction of the individual CAPS Radio Producer/Members.

In a few short months FM 104.1 is already alive with locally created and produced programs in talk, music, information, education and more. Check out CAPS Radio on FM 104.1. Radio orientation and training classes will be held July 26 & 27 at 6pm at the CAPS Media Center. The two-part class provides Member/Producers with the tools needed to produce original radio shows.

On the video side, upcoming CAPS Media Member/Producer video classes include: new member orientation, August 3, HD videography/camera, August 10 and postproduction editing, August 17. Go to to see a schedule of upcoming programs on Channel 6 & 15, search the archives for past programs, get info on upcoming video and radio classes and much more.

Recent CAPS Media productions included programs on the Two Trees planting, the groundbreaking of the new Gold Coast Transit Center, and the Mayor for a Moment Class of 2016-2017 compilation video featuring 5th graders from elementary schools throughout the city.

Upcoming CAPS Media productions include live coverage of the annual Ventura County Fair Parade on Saturday, August 5. The festive event with floats, horses, marching bands and more will kick off at 10AM and CAPS Media will be on the scene at the corner of Main and California broadcasting live on Channel 6. If you are in the parade, give us and the community watching at home a big wave.

Tune in to Channel 6 for CAPS Media Member/Producer original programming throughout the day including the latest episodes of ECTV, Mayor for a Moment and Ventura Legacies. And to see what’s happening at the city, county and school government centers check out Channel 15.

CAPS Media is a nonprofit, membership organization located at 65 Day Road on the east side of Ventura College. Anyone who lives, works or attends school in the city of Ventura is eligible to become a Member/Producer at CAPS Media. Annual fees are only $25 for an individual and $75 for a non-profit organization. CAPS Radio is an additional annual fee of $50 for DJs. For complete information go to

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