Vol. 10, No. 20 – July 5 – July 18, 2017 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton
What type of housing do you think Ventura needs –
affordable or executive?

Connie Colloizo
age 51
Office manager for Dr. Faulstich D.D.S.
“Affordable housing! Prices are going up and that way everyone can afford their own home.”



Sally Campbell
age 68
Business owner at Spa Warehouse
“I think we need more executive type beach houses or apartments. Ventura is known for all the upscale restaurants, attractions and (of course) the beautiful beaches – perhaps people from the movie industry or young dynamic executive families would move here.”


Jessica McGuire
age 27
Does billing for The Trade Desk
“I don’t think Ventura needs either, I think we have plenty of both. I don’t qualify for low income and yet I don’t make enough to own an executive home – what about the middle class?”


Louie Luna
age 60
“I’d say the majority of people would say affordable housing, but I think they should still offer executive (expensive) homes. There is a difference between affordable and low-income housing. I think it’s a balance and I don’t think Ventura meets the balance.”


Bon Wakam
age 58
Business Broker
“I think we need both, but to attract a lot of big companies we need to have housing for the executives to live in and there is more of a shortage of executive housing.”


Dennis Stevenson
age 61
Construction Contractor
“They both have merit – low income housing allows more people to get into the housing market, but executive housing would bring wealthier people and with them they would bring commerce and jobs’”


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