Vol. 10, No. 15 – April 26 – May 9, 2017 – Person to Person

by Jennifer Tipton

What is your favorite season in Ventura?

Colleen Brubaker
age 90
Retired from Ventura County Schools

“Spring because I like green, I’m Irish and I like to see the green hills.”


Della Dowler
age 49
Business owner at The Growing Company

“Spring just because I get to put up pretty flowers.”


Mason Murrieta
age 19
Employee at Vons on Telegraph

“I would say winter because I generally like colder weather better.”


Katie Eckhart
age 29
Ventura College nursing student

“I’d probably say fall because of all the holidays that come with it, and it’s a lot of family time.”


Pete Trevino
age 75
Retired aircraft worker

“My favorite season is all four seasons, I love it here because we have the beautiful sun and some of the best people in the world.”


Stuart Goldman
age 68
Retired Dean of Brooks Institute

“I didn’t know Ventura had seasons, I come from the Midwest where we actually had seasons, here it feels like summer all year long.”


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