Poinsettia Pavilion has new Business Manager

Margarida Eidson has assembled a team to run non-profit event center.

The Board of Directors of the Ventura Women’s Center, better known as the Poinsettia Pavilion, has announced that  Margarida Eidson as the new Business Manager of the non-profit event center. Margarida will be responsible for restructuring the Center’s operations, adding to the client base, and pursuing new avenues for the Center to serve our community.

Margarida brings extensive business knowledge and a diverse background to the Pavilion. Margarida was previously the Human Resources director of a technology services company and the Director of All American Ballet in Ventura. She is now the owner of a small business, which provides bookkeeping, human resources and management services.

To handle the increased responsibilities of managing the Pavilion, Margarida has assembled a team consisting of Mary Jackson, Pam Nothwang, Joyce Abelson, and Brooke Jepsen to assist with serving customers.

“I am so honored and excited for this opportunity. I have been at the Pavilion so many times over the years. I look forward to building on the Pavilion’s wonderful past and helping write the next chapter in its history. My team and I are committed to continue making the Poinsettia Pavilion the premier event location in Ventura.”

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