Vol. 10, No. 9 – February 1 – February 14, 2017 – CAPS

New and improved CAPSTV

By Elizabeth Rodeno

Peoples’ voices are never more important than today. Our manadate is to support the first amendment and ensure everyone can have a voice. Our voices are varied and many. Watch channel 6 to hear what the public has to say and watch channel 15 to experience the city’s vision to provide the best and clearest information for all. As we now stream through our website, our reach is much greater. We invite you to share your stories and voice on KPPQ-LP 104.1 FM as well.

Ventura community councils and schools, teachers, girl scouts, churches and youth groups come for tours and think this place is really cool. There is always the opportunity to visit the media center and learn how our equipment, training and facilities can support media creation and increase your organization’s visibility throughout Ventura County.

We are working on so many improvements here at CAPS as we begin transformation of the studio and completion radio station.  The  studio will receive upgrades including cameras and switcher which will improve capabilities and production values on your next project.  CAPS Radio, KPPQ-LP 104.1FM is destined to become an integral part of the community. As with our television channels, CAPS Radio will provide top notch facilities, training and opportunities to share stories. This is also a perfect way for the youth to expand their venues and offer those who speak different languages a place on the airwaves. Contact us at radio@capsmedia.org for more information on membership and training.

CAPS Media Center’s staff and board encourage and support everyone in the community to share their voice. The community’s citizen’s voices must be heard. You have a tremendous opportunity many cities do not have to share your voices and talk about issues that affect you. With CAPS Media center’s public access television channels 6 and 15, and soon our low power FM station, the opportunity is clear and available for small membership fees.  As always, go to capsmedia.org to view our local programming.

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