Meet the cyclists who rode across Africa

Pat traces his first inkling of an African Dream back to a darkened theater when at age 12 he watched Hemmingway’s “The Snows of Kilimanjaro”.

The African Dream is the true story of the Patterson’s unassisted bicycle tour of Africa. They pedaled 265 days, 4,918 miles, through 17 African countries. Dangers, yes. Trepidation, yes. Run ins with thieves and pickpockets, yes. Big game animals on the road, yes. However they both agree there is no better way to immerse oneself into the lives, lifestyles and cultures of the peoples of the world than on bicycles. The book is 336 pages and contains more than 400 photos.

The Patterson’s sold their successful real estate firm, cycled off into the world and never looked back. Pat says he is now a has been, he has been Chairperson of the Ventura County Business Outlook Conference and is past President of VCEDA, Ventura County Economic Development Association. He also has been President of VCCAR, Ventura County Association of Realtors. He counts among his and Cat’s highest achievements, chairing and working together to stabilize and build The Coalition to End Domestic Violence. (Now known as The Coalition to End Family Violence.) Cat was also active in several charities, on the Board of the VCCAR Foundation and was an active member in the Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club, PCYC, and Saticoy Country Club.

Pat and Cat will be presenting and signing their book at Ventura Bike Depot on Sunday February 19,  1:00-4:00 pm.

Come hear their stories and views on Africa. You may not be interested in cycling in Africa however, the Patterson’s believe that everyone should travel, whether by bike, boat, train or plane. If  you dream to visit Africa, have been or just want an armchair view of the continent you will find plenty of interesting stories and photos in their book. As Cat always says, “The most dangerous moments make the best memories!”

The African Dream is now on sale at The Bank of Books, 748 E. Main St.

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