The shaping of our future is up for grabs

Activism is on the horizon and for many the shaping of our future is up for grabs. Our local community is joining millions around the world and marching for justice, equality, civil and environmental rights. On January 21 at 10am at Plaza Park activist are coming together in solidarity to make their voices heard.

Justice For All organizer Catherine Pulisic said, “The time for our community to become active in building an America that we are proud of, one which is inclusive of all, that embraces our differences yet focuses on our commonalities as human beings, is now! We need to start thinking of how decisions, policy and elected officials impact our people. We need to be open to loving more and fearing less”.

She, along with fellow organizer, Kathleen Shore, saw the need to provide a platform that allows communities and local organizations to work collectively as a whole rather than in silos, show support for vulnerable groups and mobilize people into action.

Kathleen understands the importance of equality firsthand. You see, Kathleen has been married to the same person three times. That may seem a little excessive to some, but until more recently there wasn’t a legal way for her and her wife to tie themselves into a family.

But now there is unrest and anxiety over what the future holds. “Our Justice For All March is meant to be an uplifting and peaceful demonstration of the power and trust we can have in each other to do the right thing,” said Catherine.

The Justice For All March will kick off with opening ceremonies. People will take to the streets and travel around downtown Ventura and march in unity and support for women, LGBTQIA, immigrants, disabled, the planet, the poor, refugees, African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims and uphold the dignity and rights of every person.

Following the march there will be a local group and nonprofit showcase, speakers, entertainment, live music, kids activities, food and more! For more information visit or email



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