A Real Home for Seniors

Cottage Inn, a charming house with compassionate caregivers.
Cottage Inn, a charming house with compassionate caregivers.

by Gail Field

Nestled among the hills overlooking Ventura sits a gem where compassionate caregivers minister to a small group of residents.  The place is Cottage Inn, a charming house with room for six clients needing physical and memory care.  Stepping into the facility immediately feels like home, from the charming pictures hanging in the living area to the aroma of delicious cooking coming from the kitchen.  Each resident has a room of their own, where cherished memorabilia, pictures and patterned fabrics set a restful and personal tone.

Adding to the warm atmosphere are the caregivers themselves.  Each is experienced in the care of the elderly and takes pride in their work.  “We love our residents, and treat them like family,” says Janet Espinoza, the Cottage Inn administrator.  “Our staffing model has one caregiver for every three residents, ensuring there is always someone to assist the residents when in need.”

Caregiver Michael Asuncion explains some of the activities that keep the residents engaged.  “We have exercising in the fresh air of our patio, playing card games, chatting over a family style dinner and singing along to familiar tunes.  They love Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra,” says Michael. “Those are the favorites.”

“I love cooking for the residents,” says Judith Gonzalez, a caregiver.  “One of their favorites is my banana bread, as well as the food my mother taught me to cook when I was a girl.”

Both Judith and Michel agree, “We work together as a team, and staff and residents all feel like family.”

“I feel our staff truly enjoys the gratifying work of caring for our senior population,” says Ezra Proctor, the facility owner.  “We promote an environment of dignity and support and do our best to engage not only the residents, but also the family members involved.  This can be an equally difficult time in the family’s life, seeing their parents or elders needing higher levels of care.”

One of the biggest champions of the Cottage Inn facility is Jean, a current resident.  “The staff is very responsive. I never have had to ask twice for what I need. I love it here.”

Janet Espinoza sums up the experience of Cottage Inn for residents and families.  “Families of our residents are always welcome.  We like them to come and have dinner with us and engage in conversation with the residents. Chatting over a delicious dinner is a good way to feel like we really are a family.”

The Cottage Inn is located at 191 Wayview Court, Ventura, CA  93001. Phone 650-7497.  Visit their website at http://www.cottageinnventura.com


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