Niva Harrison celebrates 104th birthday

senior-104104 year old Niva Harrison was born in Halifax County, Va.  and grew up in South Boston, VA.  She had two brothers and four sisters, all  who have preceded her in death.  One of her favorite memories is when her family first started to bring her to the beach, when she was only 92 and putting her feet in the water and letting the ocean wash over her feet.   When it was time to go she would say ” just a little while longer” and then when it was a little while longer she would say ” couldn’t we stay just a little bit  longer”.

She loves being in Ventura and especially loves celebrating her birthday each year at the “Aloha Steakhouse” in Ventura.  She always says that she feels so very, very blessed and that “this is the best birthday she has ever had …and can’t wait until next year”

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