Please help get a cherished instrument back to its owner

stuff-ippelOn Sept. 17 a friend of mine Dianne Ippel and I stopped at Jack In The Box on Victoria Blvd. to have a late lunch. She had brought her musical instrument inside with her, a Hammered Dulcimer which was in a soft vinyl black colored carry case because she was worried about it getting too hot inside her van. When we finished lunch she forgot to bring it back outside with her. She got all the way back to her house before realizing that she had left it inside at the restaurant. By the time she got back to Jack In The Box it had already been stolen. She is very depressed because the instrument is very special to her. She has played the instrument for over 35 years and misses it very much. If you have any information regarding this loss please give me a call. A reward will be offered for the safe return of the instrument. Please ask for Weldon Flier II at 402-6836.

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