Improve your life: Dance!

The Ventura Poinsettia Dance Club meets every Monday.

by Jeanne Hoffman-Weisel

For the past several decades, Monday night has been known for the time to dance and the place has been the Poinsettia Pavilion.  Dancing With the Stars and Monday Night Football can be recorded for later viewing –without the commercials!

We have come to a crossroads and unless the number of dancers increases on Monday nights, the Monday night dance will be just a memory. The Board has worked very hard to keep this dance going and it is time that those of us who love dance, support this Dance Club with our time, treasure, and talent. I know there are angels among us who have discretionary income who could give a financial gift to insure we have enough funds to cover our costs each month. And if you have a marketing talent, a refreshment talent, or a talent you have of which we are unaware, please offer it/them to us. We have some dance teachers who are willing to gift us with free dance lessons until we are using black ink once again.

Monday night, the 19th of September was our fund raiser; I donated a check in memory of the wonderful dance friends I have met at the Poinsettia Dance Club: Rudy Monte, the samba king with the most positive attitude, Ken and Dee Mattson, extraordinary host and hostess who also brought delectable refreshments, Art Stone, was the first person I met at the Poinsettia; he took me around the room introducing me to people so I would feel at home, and to Art Greycloud, another fine dancer who worked hard for this club. These people would be giving and supporting if they could.

Please join me in the effort to save this club; the benefits for you are: a boost in memory, improved flexibility,  a reduction of stress, diminished depression, it helps your heart, weight loss, better balance, increased energy and making new friends! Accomplished dancers and beginners are welcome!

Ventura Poinsettia Dance Club meets every Monday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. at the Poinsettia Pavilion, 3451 Foothill. Ballroom, swing, Latin, mixers and line dancing. Members $10, non-members $12, first time dancers are free. Call Rick at 415-8842 or Ron 290-5414 for more information.



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