A conversation with local farmers

The Ventura Food Co-op celebrates the farmers that work hard to produce our food. A century ago, half of Americans were farmers, now they number only 2 percent. This night of drinks and discussion will bring to light issues that farmers struggle with in Ventura County, the future of farming, and ways that community can support our local producers.

At the MadeWest Brewing Company, local farmers, and community members will discuss farmer’s concerns on October 5 from 5:30-9:00. Farmers Phil McGrath, from McGrath Family Farm, Sarah Nolan, from Abundant Table, and Jose Alcantar, from Alcantar Organics will be the panel of farmers.

The mission of the Ventura Food Cooperative is to provide fairly priced groceries, while following cooperative principles.  The Co-op’s focus is to source small-scale, local, organic goods with the intention of keeping ourselves, our community, and our environment healthy and happy.

If we want more organic food, then our community needs to train and support young beginning farmers in biological methods of growing food on a small scale.

Agriculture contributes 2 billion dollars to the Ventura County economy, but how much of that produce is consumed locally? Ventura Food Co-op wants to do better. They will buy what is currently produced here, then contract with local growers to grow locally adapted produce.

Panel topics will include farming challenges, the future of farming in our area, what we can do for our local farmers, and insight into what farming has to offer our community. Come ask the farmer panel some of your burning questions about what it’s like to be a farmer here in our county.

MadeWest Brewing Company, 1744 Donlon St., 947-5002.

For more information venturafoodcoop.com or Facebook page (facebook.com/VenturaFoodCoop) or Ally Gialketsis 216-4621.  venturafoodcoop@gmail.com.


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