Randall Richman is running for Ventura Council

I will eliminate wasteful and wrongful spending. Photo by Dina Pielaet

Ventura City Council candidates-first in a series “written” by the candidates

Randall RichmanTwenty-five year Ventura resident and record producer Randall Richman is running for Ventura Council on the November 8th ballot.

Randall is probably best known for his fight against the downtown parking meters in 2011 along with Carla Bonney and Gary Parker who believed the meters would hurt businesses by sending patrons to the mall and Oxnard. In retrospect, he may have been right as even many die-hard businesses and Venturans would like them removed. Going back to 2-hour or 90 or 75 minute times makes more sense. This is the Santa Barbara method.

Randall’s campaign platform includes the following:

  1. Eliminate wasteful and wrongful spending amounting to millions in the last 15 years. See his sources, Watchdog Ventura and Venturans for Responsible and Effective Government, VREG for more information.
  1. Find and develop real affordable housing starting at $300 for singles to $1500 for families in the next 3 years. He can help do this as a developer-consultant.
  1. Create the proper business climate for jobs’ development focusing on small business growth and luring larger employers/businesses through tax savings.
  1. Eliminate the chronic cronyism which has existed here for at least the last 10-15 years by electing new and independent Council members.
  1. Defeat Measure O which is a regressive tax increase hurting the poor and people on lower fixed incomes. Consider lowering our sales tax rate half a point to generate even more sales and sales’ taxes.

Randall believes if we achieve these things, almost every other problem we face will improve here. His slogan is “making Ventura even greater!”

His resume and bio are listed on his Facebook page “Randall Richman” as well as his Facebook campaign page “Venturans for Randall.”

Randall looks forward to a positive campaign. Vote #4 Randall Richman on your ballot.

Send him questions/comments to his email randallrichman@aol.com

Visit his website is www.randallrichman.com


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