VC to offer Social Media Marketing degree

Ventura College announced its plans to offer a Social Media Marketing degree beginning the fall of 2016. The program was recently approved as a Certificate of Achievement and an Associate in Science degree to provide education and training on how social media has changed the way businesses communicate, including the use of mobile technology to increase interactivity between businesses and consumers. Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, You Tube, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram are just a few of the top social media sites organizations are using to directly communicate with their customers and suppliers.  According to the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, more than 3,000 marketers surveyed indicated the following:

“The inclusion of social media for marketing and planning can mean success or failure for a business,” said Dr. Greg Gillespie, Ventura College president.  “We are thrilled to offer such a relevant and innovative degree that will enable students to develop skills and strategies to integrate social media into the conventional marketing mix.”

“Ventura College will be one of the first to offer a degree in Social Media Marketing.  Based on current research, most institutions offer social media courses, but no degree,” said Ventura College Associate Professor Debbie Newcomb, Business Department Chair and Student Learning Outcomes Facilitator.  “This program is a game changer.  Students will learn how to develop more personal marketing campaigns that result in a better customer experience.”

For more information on the required classes and units, please contact Debbie Newcomb, or 289-6268.


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