Vol. 9, No. 8 – January 20 – February 2, 2016 – Senior News Line

New Year, New You
By Matilda Charles

Did you make a list of resolutions for the New Year? How are you doing so far? They say if we can keep a resolution for 21 days, we’re likely to stick with it. Here are some ideas to make 2016 a healthier, more active year.

* If you always hear about local events after the fact, sign up for online notices for museum exhibits, special readings at the library, lectures and lunches at the senior center.

* Consider taking a class. Reducing the risk of falls and senior driving safety are both worthwhile. Check the education department course catalog for something new and fun. Classes even might be free for seniors.

* Do a puzzle a day. It doesn’t matter what kind. Crossword, scrabble, solitaire are all good brain stretchers. Go online to AARP at games.aarp.org for free games.

* Get out of the house once a day. Walk to the mailbox, set up a walking routine with a friend (even if you have to go to the local rec center) or pick a different place to visit every day.

* Eat something that’s good for you at least a few times per week, even if you don’t especially care for it. If you don’t like green vegetables, for example, scan the Internet for recipes that will make them more palatable. Do you have a smoothie blender? Many ingredients can be combined to taste better together.

* Consider upgrading your technology knowledge. If your grandchildren have smartphones, think about whether you might benefit from having that instant contact with them, rather than waiting until you open email to see the latest photos from them.

* Look up old friends. If you’re not familiar with social media, take a class, and especially learn about the safety aspects.

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