Vol. 9, No. 6 – December 23, 2015 – January 5, 2016 – CAPS Chat

CAPS Media Executive Director Patrick Davidson and cameraman Aaron Cortez interview the Quest brothers for the Mayor for a Moment series in partnership with the City of Ventura City and the VUSD.

CAPS Media in 2015
By Elizabeth Rodeno

Looking back on 2015 we find an ever larger history and archive of the many and varied productions by the dedicated CAPS Media staff and volunteers.

Not only did we cover the beloved St. Patrick’s and County Fair parades, but CAPS was on site at the EcoExtreme Mud Run and Ventura’s Corporate games. With a dash of Fusion soccer and some Wildcat Basketball, performances in every area were chronicled. Our coverage of the VEP’s Festival of Talent was comprehensive with a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put on the show. At the close of the year, another production was completed through a collaboration of Ventura’s emergency services, including Ventura Police and Fire Departments, Foothill High School and CAPS Media worked with Foothill students to produce the video elements.  Plus every year we honor our local students by providing coverage of several graduation ceremonies.

The annual State of the City and State of Education programs were other events where CAPS Media was seen doing what we do; filming and broadcasting city and local events.  The launch of several series is keeping us busy. Our work with the Ventura County News Channel has been informative to say the least. We have featured county programs such as children’s reading programs, historic landmarks, harbor patrol and public works as well as animal rescue and job training programs at the Todd Road jail. We can’t wait to see what’s next. The Mayor for a Moment and the Business of the Month programs support what our City Council shares with the community. Every month we learn about an amazing 5th grader and help share their story as they bang the gavel as Mayor for a Moment. It has range, as they say.

Our youth programs included the launch of new youth series entitled ECTV, El Camino Television. This monthly program is the work of El Camino interns who write, produce, direct and edit their own teen focused talk show. We look forward to many more episodes from this enthusiastic group. Of course, our youth education programs never end, from our afterschool program at Ventura High to our weeklong Digital Storytelling summer programs.

CAPS Media has begun hosting bands in our studio in conjunction with Ventura Rocks. Look for shows featuring your favorite local bands right here in the studio in 2016.

As our commitment to the City of Ventura, we continue to provide live coverage of city meetings as well as rebroadcasts of the County Board of Supervisors and city meetings on channel 15. The City of Ventura turns 150 years old in 2016. CAPS will be doing our part by sharing stories of the heritage families of Ventura.

At the CAPS Media Center, we upgraded our broadcast equipment as well as updated to state of the art editing suites.  A new website is in the works as is the beginning of construction on our new radio station, with plans to be on the air by the end of 2016. You’ll hear from us as we will need the support of the community to help make CAPS Radio a reality.

Of course, there is so much more. For that you will need to come visit us on the web at www.capstv.org and stop by the studio at 65 Day Road where the new CAPS Media sign shines brightly.

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