Heavy surf causes local damage

High surf damages Ventura Pier. Photo by Bob Messina
High surf damages Ventura Pier. Photo by Bob Messina

Due to the recent high surf conditions the Ventura Police Department evacuated the few citizens who were on the Ventura Pier and closed it to the public.  The Pier sustained structural damage including wooden pilings, cross-bracings and handrails that were destroyed.  City of Ventura Public Works staff are working with inspectors to evaluate the extent of damage, stabilize to prevent further damage and to assess repairs needed.  The Pier will remain closed until determined it is safe to re-open.

High tides continued to bring powerful waves from off-shore storms for several days.  The public was advised to avoid entering the ocean during the very dangerous high surf conditions, especially near the Pier and the debris.

Also one of the palm trees near Surfers’ Point fell over and there continues to be erosion impacting the bike path and promenade.  Visitors are advised to avoid the area until repairs are made.


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