Consider the conversation

Is it time for you to have “the talk”? No, not the one about the birds and the bees. Long after asking the question, “Mommy, where do babies come from?” there will come a time to ask, “Mom, how can we best care for you?” Consider the Conversation helps us know how to ask the question and have it answered without the anticipated awkwardness associated.

The following are quotes from reviews on Amazon:

“Be prepared to be terrified, illuminated, profoundly moved, confronted and warmly hugged all within an hour. Just knocked me off my feet!”

“It made me consider a topic I have been avoiding. We all owe it to our parents, and to our children, to have these important conversations.”

“I genuinely believe that every person over the age of 40 years old in America needs to see this piece.”

The Ventura Council for Seniors will present the film and follow-up discussion on November 4th at the Ventura Adult and Continuing Education (VACE) Center, 5200 Valentine Rd. The presentation will be from 10 am to noon. A light lunch will be served from noon to 1 pm, compliments of VACE, for those who RSVP by Monday, November 2. Please call 648-3035 to make reservations.

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