Vol. 9, No. 1 – October 14 – October 27, 2015 – A Tender Touch Senior Placement

Bringing mobile senior services to the community
By Connie De La Rosa

Many seniors today have difficulty with mobilizing to services they may require due to limited mobility, not feeling well or minor confusion due to early stages of dementia.

Bringing “Mobile Senior Support Services” to the residents of Ventura is the effort of a few businesses who have come together as a “network” in order to provide a free presentation, demonstration or consultation in a service they may need. Businesses involved include estate planning attorney/information and education, marriage, family therapist education and information, exercise coach, hand/arm massage therapist, medi-care representative/education and information, dental hygienist education and information, Alzheimer’s/dementia education and information, County of Ventura veteran representative information and assistance, Skin Care along with many other businesses and new business.

If a senior chooses to use a particular service, businesses will give them a negotiated rate and maintain services in the comfort of their own community. The goal is to provide the information and services available to their communities making it more convenient and comfortable for our aging population. The Mobile Senior Support Service will provide services in a community about three months or longer, depending on the needed education/information and will be rotating to the different Senior communities in Ventura.

Currently, the Mobile Senior Support Services is located at the Lexington Independent and Assisted Living in Ventura. Lexington welcomes the public to attend any of the in-service presentations being offered from October through December 2015. 200-7756 for dates and times on any of the informational services you are seeking.

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