Hans Hormann, Director and Coordinator for Ventura Avenue Adult Center

senior Hormann to be replacedHans is a perfect fit for his job
Photo by Daniel Ingram

By Es Cole

Some people in our amazing Ventura are outstanding at what they do.  I have been fortunate to meet a few.

Recently I met Hans Hormann, Director and Coordinator for Ventura Avenue Adult Center(VAAC). Hans is a perfect fit for his job; he spent 13 years attending six universities until he found a specialty that suited him — recreation. He spent another five years seeking a job that would/could challenge his abilities and use his ideas. He traveled to Europe and other foreign places to broaden his experiences of exotic cultures and ethnicities.

Eighteen months ago, the City of Ventura grabbed that gold ring, Hans, and made him Director of VAAC.

Hans is a civil servant, employed by Ventura, and very civil he is. He directs and coordinates VAAC. He seeks out new programs and boldly goes where others were too timid to venture.  He contracts with professionals to teach classes in their specialties. He not only feeds the curious minds of the Centers’ active adults, but he also arranges to feed their bodies at the daily lunch that is offered.

I don’t know how Hans does all the things he does. I do know he is well-organized, physically fit, and nice to old people. I am an old people, and he was very nice to me.

Hans’ most recent professional teacher is Carin Wofford, co-founder of The Time Binders, and  another of those outstanding people who are expert at what they do. Carin has 20 years’ experience writing personal histories. Starting this Fall, she will conduct  family history writing classes, documentation techniques, and ancestry research at the Ventura Avenue Adult Center.

Other auxiliary classes like hand bookbinding and graphic arts are also in the works. Imagine: you can write the stories of your personal history, design and hand construct your own book to personalize your stories, and you can learn to illustrate the stories you record.

We are so lucky to have Hans Hormann who has the energy, the imagination, and the contacts to put all these elements together in one convenient location. Please call VAAC for up-to-date schedules at 653-5592.

Hans says he loves his job. You can bet that all the adults and seniors at VAAC love him back.

The Ventura Avenue Adult Center is located at 550 N. Ventura Ave.

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