How to have fun during retirement

What do school kids and retirees have in common during these dog days of summer? For many, it’s having lots of time and not knowing what to do with it.

“But that comparison begins to breakdown almost immediately, because in a few short weeks, kids go back to school, but retirees have an indefinite amount of time to contend with,” says financial advisor Jeff Bucher, president of Citizen Advisory Group (, a firm that engages its community with education and charity efforts.

“Worse still for retirees, many don’t know if they can afford the time they have left, which may not be yielding a satisfying lifestyle. After all the technical details I review with clients and their finances, such as protecting and growing their money, I sometimes offer a bit of unexpected advice: consider your employment options.”

Many people who take his advice often do so more for overall happiness than money, he says. Work gives us structure, purpose and a social network. Bucher reviews many fun options that retirees often find appealing.

  • Golf course: This is a popular option since so many retirees love golf. And, if you are a morning person, work at a golf course is perfectly suited for you. Some popular jobs available at a golf course for retirees include golf shop staff, ranger, starters and golf course maintenance.
  • Retail: A smiling face and a pleasant disposition has earned many retirees positions as greeters at local stores.
  • Theater events: If you love entertainment, consider being an usher at a venue (Like the Rubicon). Ushers assist fans to their seats and help answer any questions the fans may have. The job may have perks, such as free tickets.
  • Tour guide: A tour guide’s job is to introduce people to places that they are unfamiliar with, which may include wineries, museums and a city’s historical locations (Ventura has many of these).
  • Theme park / zoo: If you want to brag about your job to your grandkids, look into the local zoo or theme park. Some of the most popular jobs for retirees at these parks include ticket takers, working at a merchandise stand or helping assist guests at an information booth.
  • Your current or former job. This one may throw you for a loop, but it could be perfect. You’ll likely maintain the same salary as the rest of your earning years; it’s something you already know and are good at; and, many people derived much satisfaction from their profession. You may find new freedom in knowing that this job is more optional than before, which may engender a sense of freedom and, perhaps, an outside-the-box mentality.

Jeff Bucher is president of Citizen Advisory Group ( Bucher is a former standout wrestler at The Ohio State University, where he earned an athletic scholarship and honed his leadership skills while earning four varsity letters (Is there a senior wrestling team?)

Breeze: Like many seniors today engaging in much more physical activities is an option. Like Breeze publisher Sheldon and his way over 65 (age not amount) buddies who play tennis at Pierpont Racquet Club, Ventura College and Camino Real Park

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