A Tender Touch Senior Placement – Skin Care and Aging

It is never “too late” to take care of our skin! Damage to the skin can be repaired and future damage prevented.

If you’re saying “it’s too late,” you may ask “why should I bother?” According to Alicia Bankston, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay, the top reason to take care of our skin has to do more with self-esteem than anything else. Taking care of ourselves gives us confidence, and that lets us present the best part of ourselves to the world. Though beauty is ultimately on the inside, without confidence, we hide that inner beauty from the rest of the world.

Top 5 ways to take care of our skin:

Use Sunscreen: No matter how much time we spend in it, the sun’s rays affect the health of our skin. Age spots, or more kindly called “beauty spots,” come from too much time in the sun and too little protection. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer. Prevention from harmful sun exposure is best. Your sunscreen should protect against UVA and UVB rays (or be “broad-spectrum”), be rated SPF 30 or higher, and preferably be a serum which sinks deeper into the layers of your skin than a typical lotion.

Moisturize: As our body ages, we lose moisture and thus volume, first, in our face! This makes sense since our face is the most exposed throughout our life. A good moisturizer need not feel greasy or heavy. We can also lose moisture in our skin due to medications or conditions that affect us as we age, and that lack of moisture can cause tremendous discomfort.

Treat skin areas differently: Your facial skin is different from the skin on your body, and both are different from the skin around your eyes. It is important to use a “facial cleanser” on your face and an “eye cream” around your eye area. The skin around your eyes is thinner and has no oil glands (one reason we show age here first), so moisturizing here is different than moisturizing other areas.

Exfoliate, gently: It is nice to have this step included in the cleansing process (like a 3 in 1 cleanser). And daily exfoliation should be gentle! Exfoliation helps slough off the dead skin on the surface so that the new skin underneath can come to the surface. As we age, the skin has a harder time getting rid of the dead skin, and important step to the rejuvenation process. The skin repairs itself when we allow it to do so with good care.

Treat your face like a balloon: Be careful not to pop it. Keep in mind, you are washing your face, not the floor! When taking care of your skin, gentle is better. Rubbing and tugging breaks down the elastin of our skin. And as we age, we lose collagen, a key in firm skin. Be gentle, if possible, using the three outer fingers of our hand to apply moisturizers to the face area in particular.

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